Learn More About Whiteboard Animation Video From the Experts

It is storytelling at its best. A whiteboard animation video invites your audience to watch the hand of an artist quickly, and seemingly effortlessly, tell your story using custom animation as a professional voiceover narrates the scene. These videos are engaging and are considered one of the most effective marketing and training tools available today.

Why does it work?

Whiteboard animation videos work because they capture the attention of the viewer who can’t stand to look away for a second in case they miss something. At 90 seconds or less, they’re long enough to communicate a message and call for action, yet short enough to keep a viewer interested.

Who uses whiteboard animation videos?

Anyone who has a message to communicate to an audience which is…everyone!

How does it work?

Whiteboard animation strips down the message you want to convey to its core. Whether you are selling a product or service, or just wish to explain your new health care plan option to your employees, a whiteboard animation video can help you communicate quickly and clearly.

Did you know the average attention span of a visitor to your site is 8 seconds? This means once they visit your website, you must give them a reason to stay.  A whiteboard animation video is unique, catching the interest of the visitor who wants to see how the art and message unfolds with each stroke of the artist’s hand.

Why is it called whiteboard?

Remember the whiteboard your teacher used to help you learn? Well, a whiteboard video is just like that, only better. Just how a teacher used a whiteboard to help explain a math problem, these explainer videos use engaging animation to teach, inform, and entertain.

This kind of animation is the perfect way to present information and visualize how things work together. The tone of the video can be funny, serious, informative…with animation anything is possible.

OK, I’m sold. Now what?

Great! Contact us today for your free 100% no obligation consultation and let’s get started!

We are excited to help you engage, entertain, and gain new customers. Our professional service includes script writing, custom characters, professional voiceover, sound effects, and music. You can expect to have a professional video to share on your website and social media in about six weeks.

We look forward to creating some buzz about your business!

See how this whiteboard video uses full color for more impact. insert link to Bob video