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Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos can powerfully introduce a new product, service, company or clarify an exact problem or solution. Done right, they can engage, entertain, explain and gain a new customer.

explainer videos
  • An explainer videos is selling 24/7, never gets tired, goofs off, complains or quits. Your unique value proposition will always be clear and relevant.
  • Your video story starts with a customer’s problems and ends with your solution.
  •  In 90 seconds or less, the prospect understands what you do and how you’ll help them solve their problems.  They see you as a credible resource and want to know more. 
  • The best explainer videos will increase your conversion rate. As more people take your call to action, more sales are on the way.
  • Animated video is cost-efficient and virtually unlimited in what it can explain.
  • An animated explainer video can help you achieve your goals for website traffic, conversions, building your email list, sales or many others.

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