You have created an animated explainer video. Now what?

How to Get Results with Your Explainer Video

It’s time to show your customers! For it to be effective, you must get it in front of them.  Here are some ways to make sure that happens:

  • Create a Landing Page vectorstock_7725172

Your video piqued their interest and they want to learn more, or better yet, buy! Extend the video experience by creating a link to a landing page filled with keywords where they can learn more, ask questions, and buy what you have to offer.

  • Use Infographics

Second to videos, infographics are the next best visual marketing tool. Use the best snapshots from your video along with the solid marketing messages it conveys to intrigue your customer. Treat this infographic as a preview of your video, showcasing its highlights to convince your audience to watch.

  • Share!

Treat the release of your explainer video as an premier. Orchestrate a release that shares it on social media, your website, and via email simultaneously. Your coordinated effort will show what a marketing powerhouse you are, and give your video the best shot at creating enough buzz to catch the attention of your audience.

If you want help sharing your video, hire a company to upload it to multiple sites. Remember always to have an embed code ready for popular blog sites to use if they choose to promote it.

  • Network

You know all those blogs you support with likes, shares, and comments? It’s time for them to support you. Share your video with these blogs and ask them to share it with their network. Do the same with any trade or industry group where you are a member. It’s time for you to cash in on your professional capital.

  • Use it Offline

vectorstock_1759759Your video shouldn’t just live online. Use it every opportunity you can at trade shows, conferences, and client meetings. This is also a great way to get feedback on the video and see how it sells and converts firsthand.

Your customer is out there waiting to see what you have to offer. You have worked hard to create the perfect message, now use these tips to make sure it is received.