Save Time By Know The Facts About Do-It-Yourself Animated Videos

Have you used videos to sell your business online yet?  You should.

Researchers are vectorstock_6125703projecting that by 2019 80% of consumer Internet traffic will be devoted to watching videos.  Animated videos are a great way to engage, entertain, and inform your  customers online.

Some businesses consider producing animated videos in-house to save money. Here’s a typical scenario: a marketing team decides to create a 90-second animated explainer video to promote their newest product or service. They want a persuasive (funny!) script, custom animation, and a professional voiceover. After searching online, they say to themselves—how hard can this be? We have computers already, let’s lease some online animation software and do it ourselves.

Here’s where it can get tricky. Will producing it themselves really save money? Let’s list the pros and cons:


  • This business will have complete control over the process from start to finish. Timelines, messages, the look of their brand—it is all under their control and according to their vision.
  • When they produce the video, they can change it whenever they desire at no cost (other than the time of the person doing the work of course.)
  • They don’t have to pay another vendor to do something for them.

  • Writing a strong script, developing custom characters, and creating something visually appealing to their audience is challenging, and that’s before adding in the professional voiceover which is a key to success. Making it all fit into 60 to 90 seconds is even more challenging and critical.
  • Yes, it was easy to find the online software and there are free programs too; if only that software came with a person to create the video. Some of these software programs are user-friendly.  Some not so.  Keep in mind there’s always a learning curve.  Often time a company gets started, learns the basics and realize they haven’t even scratched the surface of what it can do.
  • When considering D-I-Y animated videos, it’s important to factor in employee time into the equation. Is the time they are taking to produce the video money well spent? Could they be doing something more productive?

The resulting video is good, but not great. It took much longer to complete, and when compared to their competitor’s video, it looks “amateurish”. They hesitate to share it on social media which has them questioning why they did it in the first place.



For this business, producing their video in-house was not a wise move. Not only was it a frustrating waste of time, but it also cost more money than anticipated and they aren’t thrilled with the result.

Deciding to use online do-it-yourself software can make sense when:

1) You have no budget for animated video production

2) You will be using the software to produce a series of simple videos

3) The look and feel of the template animation creates the right impression for your company.

vectorstock_7718726If D-I-Y animated videos make sense, go for it.   If not, it’s smart to hire a professional animated video production company.  At Buzz Animated Videos, we specialize in producing affordable custom animated explainer videos. We will take your vision and turn it into something you will be proud to share at every opportunity.

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