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Whiteboard Video – How to Get In the Door

Prospecting on Steriods

How We Helped

Since starting her consulting business in Hong Kong in 1999, Liz Parker has helped CEOs and business owners build and lead their teams to achieve superior results. Her challenge? Because she provides a wide range of services, it can be difficult to explain what she does so prospects understand how she impacts their bottom line.

Our whiteboard videos boiled her story down to a single tangible product. Liz’s caricature is part of the “team” and we see her process delivering results. Confusion has been replaced with laser focus.

The whiteboard video helps Liz sell more assessments. This basic service leads to conversations about the bigger picture. As a result, she’s landing more fee based consulting clients.

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Client Feedback

"For fifteen years I’ve had trouble clearly and concisely explaining what I do to prospects. It certainly helped that Ivan has been a marketer for 25 years. He asked the right questions and nailed it."

Liz Parker