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CEOs and business owners each face their own set of unique challenges...and it can be lonely at the top. Where can they turn for guidance they can trust and help becoming better leaders who get better results?


Brett Pyle leads a highly successful CEO Peer Advisory Group with members from non-competing industries who are committed to each others' success. Brett and the board carefully screen and select new members so it's important to attract the right prospects. That's why he came to Buzz.


Brett wanted a unique way to introduce himself and show prospects the powerful benefits of being a member of his peer advisory group. This animated video production is a story, not a sales pitch. Brett uses it on his website, LinkedIn profile, twitter and there's a link in his email signature. When he meets someone who is interested, it's a great follow up to keep the conversation going. Best of all, it's very easy for people to share the video and make referrals.

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