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Animated Explainer Video – A Story of Hope

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How We Helped

Advanced Prosthetics is a rapidly growing company looking for new ways to tell their story to amputees, their family and friends. Their on-going television campaign helps increase brand awareness. However, it's costly, hard to measure and their compelling story can’t be told in thirty seconds.

The owners decided to update their website and put a social media plan in place. The Buzz Team was asked to tell Advanced Prosthetics’ story in a way that powerfully resonates. We set out to discover and understand an amputee’s challenges. We created Bob to capture the tragedy, grief and pain. And we see how Advanced Prosthetics brings healing, hope and restoration through an animated explainer video.

Advanced Prosthetics now uses their animated explainer video as an important part of their overall marketing efforts.
• Featured on website home page
• Shared via social media campaigns
• Email marketing
• YouTube marketing
• Presentations to civic and other groups

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Client Feedback

"We wanted a powerful way to explain to prospects who we are and what we stand for. Thanks to Buzz, they feel how passionate we are about helping them. We all love our video. It's perfect! "

Miriam Peters

Vice President