Animated Video Pricing

As creators of strategic animated marketing videos, we recognize that your first priority is to determine how much to budget for a quality video.  We realize you’re seeing prices that range from hundreds to $10,000 and more.  So, here’s how we do it.


Unlike many companies out there, we are first and foremost experienced marketers. As Buzz CEO, I have decades of experience helping companies strategically tell their stories with videos that engage prospects and help win customers. Your video begins with a Strategic Planning session with me to insure it will be –

  • Laser focused to your target
  • Engaging, informative and entertaining
  • Intriguing – Leave customers wanting more
  • Compelling – Deliver your call to action to drive results


  • Strategic concept development
  • Professional script writing
  • Storyboarding with original art and graphics
  • Auditions of voice actors
  • Royalty free music
  • Sound design with sound effects
  • Exceptional animation

What does a Buzz strategic animated marketing video cost?  Every project and video is totally unique and the cost depends on variables such as length, number of videos and complexity of the animation. But to give you an idea, our average price for videos :60 to :90 is $3,950. Let’s discuss your needs so we can provide a custom quote.

There is a huge range of prices so here’s why.

Let’s talk about your project so you can make an informed decision.

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Ivan Armstrong | CEO