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Win More Customers with Your Animation Video

We will tell your story in a simple, informative and fun way! Our goal? Grab attention and get people taking action!

They’ll Love Your Animated Characters

We Create Irresistible Animated Characters

Drive Better Conversions – Motion Graphics Video

Motion Graphics Are Easy to Understand

Marketing Video Sells Training Solutions

Explainer Video Helps Prospects Understand Hughes Media Training

Internal Communications Video

Help teams understand and take action

Animated Product Demo Video

When prospects understand, they'll buy

How to Explain a Complex Tech Product with Video

Tosibox Increases Sales to Resellers

Product Demo Video Increases Sales

How to show prospects why you're the best solution

Marketing Videos Fill the Sales Funnel

Showing the Money to Physician Practices

Avoiding Affordable Care Act Risks

Insurance Group Helps Companies Avoid Penalties

Marketing Videos Differentiate Your Products

Explaining Your Unique Value Proposition

How Recycling Works

County Uses Instructional Video to Encourage Recycling

Cyber Security Animated Video

ThreatConnect Security Platform

Dental Practice Marketing Video

Forget the Manual. Train with Videos.

How Your Tax Dollars Are Used

Bamberg County, SC Solid Waste Fee Explained

Anti-Litter Educational Videos

How County Council Helps Reduce Litter

County Government Uses Animated Explainer Video

Bamberg County: How Your Tax Dollars Are Spent

Animated Video – Dog Lovers Can’t Stop Watching

Animation Supercharges Website

"I know the power of video because I already sell my video training courses online. Animated video is a new concept for me and I’m excited to see what it is doing for my business!"

Connie Cleveland

Animated Explainer Video – A Story of Hope

See How to Connect Emotionally

"We wanted a powerful way to explain to prospects who we are and what we stand for. Thanks to Buzz, they feel how passionate we are about helping them. We all love our video. It's perfect! "

Miriam Peters

HR Video Recruits Nurses for Medical Practice

Medical Practice Shows the Love With Explainer Video

"The Buzz team asked the right questions to understand who we are. Our video really captures the love we show every Mom who trusts us."

Mary Nickles

Affordable Animated Video Production That’s Funny Too

Having Fun with Animation

"When I hired Buzz, I had no idea what to expect. But the moment I saw their script, I knew I'd hit the jackpot. Our video is awesome and my team loves it when people say, "You're that company with the funny video!""

Danny Carroll

Whiteboard Video – How to Get In the Door

Prospecting on Steriods

"For fifteen years I’ve had trouble clearly and concisely explaining what I do to prospects. It certainly helped that Ivan has been a marketer for 25 years. He asked the right questions and nailed it."

Liz Parker

Whiteboard Animation

Explain Your Product Clearly

"Our video really gets people’s attention. It’s a great reflection on our brand and something we’re proud to use."

Steve Godwin

Animated Video Helps You Stand Out

Keep It Simple & Fun!

"The real estate business is very traditional. We were looking for a way to stand out and get noticed. Our animated video is certainly doing that and much more for our business. "

Robert Dayton

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