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Buzz Animated Video 5-Step Production Process

You’ll collaborate with our team every step of the way as we craft your story and bring it to life. Together we will create “amazing”!

Best of all, our process won’t take a lot of your time.  You simply provide feedback at each step.  We do all the work.  It’s that easy.

How long does it take?  This depends on how much it time it takes to get your feedback and how many revisions you make.  On average, we will produce your custom video in six weeks.



buzz animated video process

Step One:  Discovery

Getting your story right means asking the right questions. We keep digging ‘till we have our “light bulb moment” of understanding.

buzz animated video process

Step Two:  Script Writing

Great!  We understand your story. Now, we painstakingly craft your script until it resonates verbally, visually and emotionally.

buzz animated video process

Step Three:  Storyboarding

This is where the visual magic starts. We create a series of static scenes showing the characters, colors and motion that will tell your story.

buzz animated video process

Step Four:  Animation

Now our animators work their “magic” and bring your story to life for all the world to see. Get ready to be amazed!

buzz animated video process

Step Five:  Video Delivery

With so many ways to use your animated video, we give you all the right files to tell your story anywhere.

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