Video is the future of content marketing with 80% of all consumer Internet traffic predicted to be video by 2019 according to Cisco.  This flood makes it more critical than ever to create compelling videos that cut through the clutter. But, how?

You can take the power of animation and connect it with the power of online video and viola – you have an animated video that makes you stand out, connect with prospects and win new customers.

Top 4 Reasons to Use Animated Video vs. “Live Action” video

  1. Animation is unexpected, unique and grabs attention.
  2. People love animated characters so it’s natural for them to connect emotionally.
  3. There’s no limit to what you can explain using animation.
  4. Animated video is affordable because it doesn’t require costly camera crews, actors, locations, or lighting.

How to Make Your Animated Video Drive Results

A successful animated video tells a great story. Answer these five key questions and you’ll see how to create a killer animated video.

1) Who Can You Help?

Who needs your product or service? What problems, frustrations and pain are they struggling with? What are their feelings? What questions do they need answered?

2) Why Should They Care?

How are you going to make their lives better? What’s your unique value proposition? Why should they choose you vs. your competition? How will they feel using your product or service? Will they be relieved, happy, hopeful, excited, etc.

3) What’s Your Compelling Story?

Remember: This story is about them, not you. Use your animated video to tell a story of your prospect’s challenges, problems and pain. Make sure they see themselves in your script and characters. This is your opportunity to show you understand.

4) How Will You Help?

Animated video creates an emotional connection and builds trust. Now it’s time to demonstrate how you’ll make their lives better. Forget your list of features and benefits. They don’t care! Simply show your animated characters solving problems and feeling better because they found you.

5) What’s Your Call to Action?

You’ve created an emotional connection and trust. Now simply tell them what to do to get your solution. Keep it simple and make it easy to do. Click here to buy. Call now. Download our ebook, white paper, etc.   Give us your email address to learn more.

We ask and answer these 5 questions for each killer animated video we create. My passion is helping companies connect with people they can help using animated video. I’m happy to answer your questions.  My e-mail is

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