Video Content Marketing On A Budget

From all the blog posts, webinars and shouting from the mountain top, you’d think every business must have a “content marketing strategy” to survive.  If you’re a small business owner like me, you don’t have the bags of money nor people power to make it happen.

Bigger companies hire a firm qualified to create content and push it out.  My research shows you’ll need to invest heavily.  You can spend $2,000 to $7,000 per month.

Out of your price range?  Are you doomed to languish in a digital coma?  Or is there a simple and affordable way to use video to attract prospects and win new customers?  Yes, there is.

TIP #1:  Go Animated
Think of all the blockbuster movies that are animated and cost millions to produce. Toy Story, Shrek, Minions…you get my drift.  People grow up on animation.  We absolutely love it.
That’s why an animated explainer video is a good investment for small businesses (and small budgets).   It’s more affordable than “live” video and more powerful too!
Your animated video can explain what you do so your prospect sees how you’ll make their life better.  When it’s done right, it builds an emotional connection and trust.  And that’s where all purchase decisions are made.

TIP #2:  Rev Up Your Home Page
Web surfing is our national pastime.  When a visitor hits your site, you’ve got seconds to convince them to stay.  An animated video is “stickier” than a live video.  You’ll grab their attention quickly so they’re much more likely to click and watch.
Best of all, it’s like hiring a salesperson who works 24/7/365. You sleep.  It sells.

TIP #3: Reach Out and Touch Your Prospects and Customers
Here are just a few more ways to use your video.

  • Spice up your email campaigns.   One of our client’s subject line said, “See our Super Bowl commercial about our services.”  Open rate was 58%!
  • Have your salespeople send it to prospects as a “warm up” or follow up.
  • Put a link to your video in your emails with a catchy call to action.

The point is this.  An animated explainer video will make you can stand out and get noticed in the digital space without breaking the bank.  Now you need to find out what it will cost to determine if it’s a good investment for your business.

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